Totally Stress-free Beach Trip with Kids

Packing for the beach well is a dance between bringing enough to keep everyone busy, happy, and fed for a long day in the sun without bringing so much that your partner gets heat sickness carting it all to your spot on the beach.

Microfiber Beach Towel Set


Once you try a good microfiber towel, you’ll rarely go back to the other kind. Microfiber towels are great for several reasons: First of all, they work well. They’re super absorbent even though they’re far thinner than traditional beach towels. Secondly, because they’re thin, they’re so much easier to pack; some take up only half the space of a typical beach towel. In addition, you can get them in smaller sizes, which is great for wrapping up small children without swallowing them in terrycloth. Lastly, these towels dry quickly, making them a pleasure to use even after many dips in the ocean.




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A shelter for shade

Whether you prefer the classic umbrella or the newest rage in sun shelters, definitely bring portable shade. Not only do you want to protect tender skin from sunburns, but you also want to provide enough respite from the heat that your kids won’t tire out from just being outside. Another nice thing about a shelter is that it defines your family’s “zone.”







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A kiddie pool


If you have children under five, an inflatable kiddie pool is a must for the beach. But even my older elementary school-aged kids have fun with it. A kiddie pool filled with ocean water, placed under your shelter in the shade, provides a safer alternative to the waves crashing under the blazing sun. Bring some bath toys to toss in there and you’ll have happy, occupied little ones.





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An air pump

Speaking of kiddie pools, you really don’t want to blow one up yourself. Invest in an air pump, either a battery-operated one or a manual one. You might use it for floats, rafts, and beach balls too.






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Must-Have Sand Toys

Having too many beach toys is overwhelming, both to bring to the beach and to play with, as well as to gather and pack up at the end of the day. I’ve found that the best beach toys, the ones that are the most versatile and most played with, are the simplest ones. Specifically, shovels (one per kid, trust me) and buckets are the most important. Then include a few more novelty items, like maybe a small beach toy set that includes a watering can, sand molds, rake, and sifter. Just don’t go overboard.








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Single-serving food and bento boxes

When it comes to food at the beach, the most important thing to keep in mind is how to keep wet and sandy hands out of the food. For this reason, I usually opt for single-serve snacks, such as cheese sticks, individual chip bags, and applesauce pouches. This last option doesn’t require any touching at all! For food that isn’t single-serve, bento boxes are great for making everyone’s food separate and easy to pass out. These lightweight plastic ones are great for the beach.








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Shell bags

Collecting shells is a beach day’s treasure hunt. A special bag to collect them in makes gathering them even more fun. It also gives your kids a way to carry their shells and keep their finds separate from their siblings’ so you don’t have to referee at the end of the day.





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A waterproof camera

The kids will love capturing their fun in and under the water with their own waterproof camera and you’ll love seeing the memories they capture from their perspective. When you go to make a little Chatbook or slideshow of your family beach vacation, everyone will appreciate having the kids’ contributions.







Only 36.99




A Sand-Proof Beach Blanket

Lightweight, ultraportable, and large enough for the whole family, a sand-proof, waterproof beach blanket is the perfect spot to set down your bag and spread out your beach towels. This one comes with stakes for keeping your blanket in place and zippered pouches for keeping electronics and valuables protected.




Only 28.99












Beach Games And Activities

If you have older kids, make sure to have some beach games and other activities on hand to keep them entertained and happy. Some favorites are paddle ball, Slammo, and a skip ball. Another really fun, iconic, memory-making activity that’s perfect for the beach is flying a kite!







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When you return from the beach, spend some time reordering all your beach bags and replenishing items (for instance, dry towels) so you are ready to go for your next beach day. Between getting everybody in their swimsuits, finding flip-flops, and applying sunscreen, you’ve got enough to take care of. Happy swimming and sunning!

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