Tips & Ideas for Organizing Pantry and Kitchen

Tips & Ideas for Organizing Pantry and Kitchen

It is actually not as difficult as we think to obtain the extremely organized and tidy pantry and kitchen cabinets that we see in home decoration magazines and blogs and adorn our dreams.

Choosing the right storage products and using some practical organization techniques will be the basic steps to reach the pantry or kitchen cabinet you always wanted. This process, in which we take care to stay at home in order to protect our own health and the health of our environment, can be a good opportunity to organize the storage areas in our homes as we wish and to get used to this order. In this article, we have brought together suggestions that will make the organization of the pantry and kitchen cabinets stylish as well as practical.


Choose compatible containers

The first rule of thumb to keep the storage area looking very tidy and clean is to maintain consistency in storage product choices. Using compatible containers of different sizes to store products will make it easier for you to create a modern and functional space.


Plastic Pantry Organization and Storage Bins

Only 29.99

These large capacity bins are great for creating a clean and organized refrigerator or pantry. Ideal for kitchen storage, pantry storage, fridge storage and your pantry cabinet or storage cabinet. You can use these storage organizers anywhere in your home.

Granted, I don’t have a ton of food in my fridge at the moment, but as soon as these arrived, I went to work on organizing all the little things that take up space in an inefficient manner. These trays are GREAT! Since I use a lot of glass jars for storage, these trays will contain them more safely and allow me to group things together efficiently. They also somehow gave me a LOT more space. This purchase was a total win for me!



Airtight Food Storage Containers with Lids, Vtopmart 24 pcs

Only 47.99

Make it easy for kitchen and pantry organization
Dry foods often come in paper or plastic bags, once you open them up, they might spill all over your kitchen cupboards or pantry shelves. This is where Vtopmart food storage containers can change this situation. They help organize the cupboards, save space,and prevent food from spilling everywhere.

Keep your food dry and fresh
4 side-locking lids seal these storage containers tightly, so they will always keep your food fresh, and you can open and close these containers easily.

Washing Instructions
Please handwash the lid, dishwasher safe for the container



Organization of spices!

In the back of cabinets and shelves, among crowded packages, there may be stale and expired products. In particular, there may be several packages of the same spices and seasonings. Reviewing all these products and putting together the ones that are available for use, eliminating the others will allow you to get new empty spaces in your closet.


14 pc Glass Jars with Bamboo Lids (6oz) + Rewritable Label Set

was 31.97 now 27.99

Nothing is MORE satisfying than seeing a messy pantry transform into a rainbow of coordinated color and seamlessly matching jars. And these 6oz storage jars have 2.5 x 3” of storage space for spices, herbs, poppy seeds and other small foods!

These jar have made my spice cabinet look 1000x more organized! They seem to have a really good quality thickness to the glass and the seals are air tight, but easy enough to remove. The mouth of the jars are wide enough to get a regular-sized tablespoon down in them. Overall, I love the way they make everything look so neat and clean, and they hold an entire regular-sized bottle of whatever spice you put in them, with room to spare. The labels don’t smudge when you write on them (after you let it dry for a couple of seconds) and if you make a mistake just erase it and start over. It even comes with a white marker. They were also packed extremely well.



Preserves Organization


Supreme Stackable Can Rack Organizer

Only 24.97

This worked really great in our pantry. I love that there’s open space in the back to add new cans, so that the oldest dates are always first to take. Assembly was very easy. No tools, and just required snapping a few things into place. I hate assembling things, and this was quick and easy. For sturdiness, at first I thought I’d be disappointed. However, it turned out just fine, especially once you put the dividers in which give additional support. Add a few cans and no worries. I would buy again, however one of these was plenty for us. I pretty much just have some staple items for cooking (and there’s just two of us). If I needed more storage, this is what I would buy again.



2 Pack – Simple Trending Stackable Beverage Soda Can Dispenser Organizer

Only 23.97

We go through a lot of sparkling water at our house. Hubby buys around 8 boxes every couple of weeks, and because there was no storage space in the kitchen for these, and our garage isn’t convenient, the boxes hung out stacked in our hall. TACKY!! I ordered 2 sets of two, and put one unit in the fridge (which was great – freed up space in there) and stacked 3 in the kitchen. The narrow nature of this stack means it holds a bunch of cans in a small footprint, and the dark color of the coppery color makes it visually recede. Granted, we can’t get all 8 boxes of cans in there, but since I can put a variety of flavors both in the kitchen and in the fridge, I can now store the rest in the garage.



Glass jars are important

Dry products such as cereals, nuts and flour have packages that are quite different from each other and consist of different materials. Storing these products by emptying them into glass jars with lids will make the products visible and prevent the storage area from being tiring.


Glass Jars 32oz,Maredash Candy Jar with Lid For Household

Only 30.99


Perfect for preserving and canning enthusiasts; this large canning jar is shaped and sized for canning homemade pickles, canned peaches, pickled carrots, jams, jellies, preserves, tomato sauces, broths and a variety more.



Give the baskets a chance

Using various decorative baskets in storage areas makes the organization as practical as it is stylish. You can choose the one that suits your decoration style among the various models and sizes of the baskets, which allow you to group the products and gather the products that need to stay together.


SimpleHouseware 2 Tier Sliding Cabinet Basket Organizer Drawer

was 29.99 now 24.97

Easy to put together and fits perfectly in cabinet. I thought I loved it till I realized the shelf caves in when you put more items on it. However, if you fill up the shelves it’s not an issue. If you need something with a solid shelf bottom try the Seville 2 tier product.



X-cosrack Foldable Cabinet Wall Mount Metal Wire Basket Organizer Pantry

Only 36.99


Open design lets you easily view everything in the basket. Also, very convenient for you to put in and take out the items.Open Design: Open design lets you easily view everything in the basket. Also, very convenient for you to put in and take out the items.

So happy to use these baskets to organize my freezer and fridge. I used to have a problem with things falling out or not being able to find things or worst, keeping the doors open while I looked for things. Now things are separated and put in baskets that I can pull out to look things…no more letting all the cold air out. Best of all no more things falling out of the freezer because it’s so packed in one big space.



Organize drawers

Effectively arranging the drawers as well as the kitchen shelves and cabinets will allow you to make the right use of the storage space you have. We recommend that you get help from additional boxes and in-drawer organizers to plan the products in the drawers.


Chefstory 23 PCS Clear Drawer Organizers Set

was 28.99 now 25.99

Get these 23 pcs storage drawers organizers with 4 different sizes, you can customize the layout to fit any size drawer. Make different combination owning to our different sizes. It is perfect to keep cosmetics organized in your vanity and bathroom drawers! Also great for craft, office, and kitchen drawers. Each of the containers can stack on top of each other allowing for easy access to items below, so you can maximize use spaces throughout the home areas.



Seville Classics Bamboo Wood Utensil Organizer

only 26.99

Love this organizer for my kitchen utensils and tools! Expanded most of the way it perfectly fits the width of one of my drawers and holds a lot of stuff!

-Great for organizing kitchen utensils and tools in a drawer.
-Love that it can expand so I can move to different drawers if needed
-Looks really nice in the drawer
-Sturdy and good quality

-Bottom is a little thicker than I’d like, it does prevent some bigger items from fitting in the drawer (ex: potato masher/ricer)
-Tends to slide about 1/4in back when I close the drawer. This could be resolved I’m sure with a different shelf liner. It’s not a big issue and more just a minor annoyance that can be fixed easily with closing the drawer softer.

Overall very happy with the organizer. I love bamboo in the kitchen and this fits nicely in a set I’ve made with other similar items. Keeps my utensil drawer organized, which is what I needed!



Other organizers we have chosen for you


Smart Design Over The Door Adjustable Pantry Organizer

from 38.99

Overall I love this product. Added loads of storage to our pantry, helps keep things organized. I appreciate that the company has paid attention to reviews and provided 3M strips to help secure it to a door and not swing out when opening and closing it, but in my experience the provided 3M strips did not work. They kept coming off the door or the metal frame. I used some 3M hooks that I had on hand and that has worked very well.



Modern Innovations 10 Inch Stainless Steel Magnetic Knife Bar

was 19.99 now 15.99

Organize it All: This magnetic strip has an extended length that allows you to hold more knives than most knife blocks on the market while still being small enough to versatilely fit into many nooks and crannies in your kitchen or workspace. Use the magnetic knife storage strip to hold knives, scissors, tools, children’s’ toys, keys, and whatever else you can think of as the ultimate organizer.

Unlike the pictures, I place my knives the other way around. My knives have a small lip between the blade and the handle and it rests nicely on the strip. Some people said the magnetic strip is not very strong but it is strong enough the product includes a warning note that states to KEEP fingers away from the cover plate and the magnet. I believe the other reviews which said the magnet isn’t very strong, they failed to remove the back plate. It is the back plate that gets screwed into the wall but if you are putting it on a metal object (like a fridge) then you DO NOT need the back plate.



Compact Kitchen Dish Drying Rack With Swivel Spout

was 79.99 now 69.99

simplehuman’s compact steel frame dishrack has a solid stainless steel frame that is space-efficient, but still has the capacity to handle full-size plates. It has a swivel spout that pivots so you can drain water directly into the sink, and it also can be removed for easy cleaning. An anti-residue coating prevents residue buildup and water spots. Silicone-capped wire rack holds dishes tightly without scratching or chipping. Anti-slip rubber feet keep the dishrack in place on the countertop. A fingerprint-proof coating helps protect against smudges.



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